Trusted Resources

Hello and Welcome to our Resources page.

Featured on this page are the EXACT same resources (tools, systems and trainings) we use on a daily basis to start, grow and scale our Online Businesses. Anything that we review or recommend on this website we consider to be ‘trusted’ in so far as they represent our best endeavours to provide YOU with the most appropriate resources for your business.

We have Categorised the resources into Types of Uses and or Purpose:

Tools, Systems or Training Programs

Domain Hosting Services

  • Hostgator is our preferred Web Hosting & Domain Service
  • GoDaddy is another trusted and reliable alternative for Web Hosting

Website Building Made Easy!!

 Email Auto-Responders

  • Mailchimp ( first 2000 subscribers are free)


Email Marketing & Copywriting Training

  • Auto-Responder-Madness is the BEST training on the market to learn the fundamentals and advanced strategies to become a list building, sales converting MASTER!

Link Tracking Tools / Services

  • is a trusted and reliable fully-featured link tracking solution.

 Sales Funnel Tools

Webinar Hosting Services

  • HostThatWebinar –  for more details on Hosting Webinars and to setup your Account.

 Marketing Systems & Training Programs, Unashamed Promotions Here!!