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Word Of Mouth Marketing, Free Lunch or Not?

Word Of Mouth Marketing, Free Lunch Or Not? On the top of the list of conversation pieces when talking to business owners is marketing. And when I ask what is the main type of marketing they are using to get their message out to potential customers, they almost always say “word of mouth“. I was […]

Are You A Voice Of Value?

The Voice Of Value “With so many people and so many things competing for our attention, just keeping up with all that’s coming in can feel overwhelming. We may feel the need to keep up with it all to be properly informed and up-to-date. Certainly there’s a satisfaction in feeling like you’re across everything. Yet […]

Check in With Yourself to Recognize and Weed Out Self Doubt

Self doubt can creep into your psyche without you even suspecting it’s there until the first niggling thought makes itself clear. You have to be aware of your thoughts and how you’re reacting at all times to weed them out before they grow and take over your creativity and destroy your goals.   Doubts can […]

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